Paramus Catholic Football

Paramus Catholic Football Coaches

Chris Partridge

Chris Partridge

Head Coach



  • Chris Partridge ’98 – Head Coach
  • John Westervelt ’84 – Associate Head Coach / Defensive Line
  • Greg Russo ’98 – Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator
  • Tim Shea – Assistant Defensive Coordinator / Scouting
  • Joe Cutrona ’98 – Assistant Offensive Coordinator / Wide Receivers
  • Rob Petrosino – Offensive Line
  • Frank Marino – Offensive Line
  • Bryan Durango – Defensive Backs / Safeties
  • Matt Taruli ’05 – Running Backs / Special Teams
  • Dan Decongelio – Linebackers / Special Teams
  • Brian Walker – Cornerbacks / Academics
  • Rick Partridge – Specialists
  • Chris Latrella ’92 – Video / Marketing / Social Media

Junior Varsity

  • TJ Kroncke – Head Coach
  • Al Gavin – Offensive Coordinator / College Recruiting Liaison
  • Edwin Flores – Defensive Coordinator


  • Billy Brieden – Head Coach
  • Pete Nestrowitz – Assistant
  • Chris Spivey – Assistant
  • Pete Mircovic – Assistant
  • Andrew Gales – Assistant
  • Marcel Yanez – Assistant

Program Assistants

  • Connor Smith ‘07
  • Calvin Barber ‘06
  • Steve Kanoc ‘84
  • Pete Sacco ‘85
  • Scott Langan ’85 – Athletic Director
  • Father Don Hummel – Team Chaplin
  • Dane Brown ’07 – Athletic Trainer

Student Assistants / Managers

  • Evan Latrella - Video
  • James Latrella - Video
  • David Latrella - Video
  • Donald Jervis - Manager
  • Rocco Bertino – Social Media
PCFB Coaches Constitution

Team is the Essence of Our Program

Together Everyone Accomplishes More – this needs to be the foundation of which our program is built. No individual is more important than the team. Especially important now with all our skill we have.

Have a Sense of Urgency

Life is short. The opportunity to play football is even shorter. We must approach every thing we do as a player and coach as if it was our last moment of competition. Don't leave one stone unturned.

Keep a Positive Attitute

We are proactive in our thoughts and behavior. Positive attitudes create positive results. We are energetic, enthusiastic people who solve problems and get the task at hand done.

We Develop Leaders

We must produce great leaders at Paramus Catholic and understand the characteristics of great leadership: results oriented, passionate, confident and the ability to handle adversity.

We are Indivisible as a Staff

We value and respect each other, we listen to one another, we teach and learn from one another we are loyal and trust each other and we stay united in all circumstances.

Take Pride in Teaching and Innovating

We are thorough in our preparation, we leave no stone unturned. We are always searching for better methods and ideas. Mastery of fundamentals is a top priority. We understand it is not what we know but what the players know.

Be Accountable

We find solutions not make excuses; we take responsibility for program success and failure.

Advancement is Everything

Getting these young men into college is everything, they still have another step in their lives to take and we will make certain they are prepared. We will do everything in our power to get them into a higher level of education even if football is sacrificed.

Excellent Player/Coach Relationships

We are here for the players; the players are not here for us. We want football to be the most influential experience in these young men's High School life. We treat them as part of our own family.

All Encompassing Football Family

Inclusion rather than exclusion will be the characteristic of our program. Paramus Catholic football will be exciting because players, coaches, administrators, faculty, alumni and friends will be all apart of our extended football family. We will make them fans through involvement.

Stay Focused and Finish

We concentrate on the task at hand and do not look ahead, we will finish everything we start and do it with passion.

Preparation is Everything

We will never go into a situation during workouts, practice or games where we are not prepared